615 – Building Trust and Intimacy after Trauma: Advances in Identifying and Treating the Aftermath of Betrayal and Unfaithfulness


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In this panel, three experts will share their thoughts surrounding betrayal, intimacy, and
trauma. Todd Bowman discusses how betrayal trauma has a unique way of activating sexual
trauma that a spouse may have experienced at a previous point in life, and the fusing of this
past trauma to the relational betrayal can complicate the individual recovery for the betrayed
spouse, as well as increase the complexity of the healing work that needs to be facilitated
within the relationship. The ???Spousal Three Circles?۝ seek to empower betrayed spouses with a
framework for creating healthy boundaries within the relationship by reestablishing voice and
awareness and introducing these concepts into the recovery process.??Ellen Dean will share how
recognizing that trust restoration in marriage is a challenging and important process and having
a clear plan for growth and healing can provide the necessary structure and tools. A counselor?۪s
objectivity and knowledge of the necessary steps in trust restoration can provide hope,
strength, and direction for hurting couples. Barbara Schoene shares that timing is critical when
addressing sex, post betrayal trauma.??It is important to introduce the concept of building a new
and better sexual partnership by starting at square one, the basics, at the right time. Triggers
are inevitable at this stage. Attend to any sign of objectification. The goal is to build a stronger,
deeper, and more secure relationship as a safeguard against any further betrayal.

Presented by: Todd Bowman, Ph.D. & Ellen Dean, M.S. & Barbara Schone, M.S.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Apply the ???Spousal Three Circles?۝ recovery exercise to cases where betrayal trauma is a
    presenting concern
  2. Discuss an overview of the marital trust restoration process that can equip counselors with
    a plan to help couples
  3. Identify the pitfalls inherent in bringing their client couples to strong attachment and sexual
    intimacy post betrayal trauma