617 – Revolutionizing Families: A Multicultural, Multigenerational Perspective


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Our world has become so fast paced and technology driven that families tend not to have the
kind of quality time and involvement in each other?۪s lives to develop and maintain healthy
relationships or to adequately teach or prepare the next generation for family life from a God
perspective. Multi-ethnic families are on the rise with many family members unprepared to
deal with the reality of ???forever different?۝ in their family lines, awkward and uncomfortable in
dealing with or accepting a family member from a totally different culture. The speed of
technology interrupts generational bonding causing distance in family relationships. Family

issues go untouched or unheard due to lack of understanding from a multicultural and/or multi-
generational perspective. As a professional helper, to be effective, the ability to connect with

this generation of families requires a multicultural and multi-generational perspective. This
workshop will assist the professional helper in ???revolutionizing families?۝ by taking a brief view
at various cultures in America as well as discussing generational issues, providing the
professional helper with tools to aid such families in incorporating godliness from a
multicultural and multi-generational perspective.

Presented by: Rosalind Stanley, M.A.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Explore various cultures to provide effective counseling for hurting families
  2. Discuss multicultural and multi-generational issues that hamper healthy family relationships
  3. Consider tools to aid families in addressing and working to resolve issues