619 – When the Game is Over: Refocusing Athlete Energy and Aggression


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Outright expressions of aggressive hostility within a sporting contest are a phenomena many
have witnessed. Psychological insights from the world of law enforcement along with biblical
insights impact athletes?۪ ability to deal with their negative emotions in a more stable manner in
order to lead them to victory rather than to implode and sabotage their success. Learn a sound
process that has been used effectively with athletes who come from hard places and have
gotten into trouble with the law.

Presented by: Kenneth Jones, D.Min.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Be able to identify the four-fold psychological process discovered by FBI researchers to refocus mental thoughts while in aggressive emotional states
  2. Be able to describe a Bible-based emotional process to reframe hostile emotions within athletes towards productive ends rather than destructive ones
  3. Be able to apply sound practical wisdom in assisting athletes in dealing with overwhelming toxic anger within a sporting environment