703 – The Way, the Truth, and the Pitfalls of Full Disclosure after Sexual Betrayal


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Today?۪s availability of cybersex, porn, and ease at which interactions can become intimate or
sexually inappropriate, has caused a sharp rise in unfaithfulness that is striking at the
foundation of relationships and marriage. In the aftermath of a discovery or unplanned
admission, it is important that counseling professionals, pastors, coaches, and lay personnel
consider new ways to reestablish truth. As Certified Sex Addiction Therapists (CSAT), trained
and Certified Clinical Partner Specialists (CCPS), and EMDR trauma specialists, Dr. Sheri and Kyle
Keffer are passionate about sharing advances in the field. They will offer resources for effective
disclosures that help to build stronger bridges and repair relationships. Drawing from research,
training and clinical experience they will explain the harmful nature of staggered, incomplete or
ill-prepared disclosures and offer alternatives aimed at restoring truth and rebuilding safety and

Presented by: Sheri Keffer, Ph.D. & Kyle Keffer, M.S.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Discuss current trends surrounding sexual betrayal and the process of relational restoration
    including therapeutic disclosures
  2. Analyze the research on the impact of staggered and unplanned disclosures
  3. Identify and describe the key concepts and benefits of a well-executed therapeutic