707 – The Rise of the Divided Family: Understanding its Impact on Youth and Addiction


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With the rise of the divided family, young people often get caught in patterns of addiction as an
escape from high conflict parents. This happens inside the home and after divorce and in
remarriage. This workshop will explore some of the common roots to the issue of youth
impacted by divorce who turn to addiction as a way out of the pain. We will also take a look at
research and today?۪s pop culture and media with a goal of increasing compassion and
understanding for those clients and organizations we serve.

Presented by: Tammy Daughtry, M.MFT. & Jay Daughtry, M.MFT.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Name and describe the six risks for kids impacted by divorce and explore solutions for protective outcomes
  2. Discuss the five categories of co-parenting and the impact on kids with strategies on how to help conflicted co-parents move to healthier outcomes for children by compartmentalizing how and when they communicate
  3. Study foundational principles of research related to adolescence and addiction with resource references for future use with clients and organizations