710 – Mindfulness for the Christian: How the BREATHe Mindfulness Model Enhances Spiritual Formation


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Mindfulness is huge today. Unfortunately, most of the literature is Buddhist oriented,

inaccessible to the Christian. In my session I will approach mindfulness from a biblical-historical-
evidence based perspective. It will reflect my learnings from my executive master’s thesis on

mindfulness for the Christian leader, my extensive research on mindfulness reflected in my
forthcoming book by Moody on the subject (Holy Noticing: The Bible, Your Brain, and the
Mindful Space between Moments; available upon request), and my personal practice. I will
incorporate Scripture and the latest neuroscience on mindfulness into a practical session for
people helpers (counselors, pastors, lay people, and psychologists). The end goal will be that
attendees will take away the tools to design their own mindfulness plan using the BREATHe
model I have developed over the past several years.

Presented by: Charles Stone, D.Min.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Recall and restate the seven components of the BREATHe mindfulness model to help enhance their ability to be more fully present to their clients, and other relationships, as they assess how to integrate the BREATHe model into their daily devotional practice routines
  2. Articulate five to 10 neuroscience evidence-based benefits of mindfulness and examine how they can apply them to their unique lifestyles to help them create a daily Mindfulness Practice Plan
  3. Identify three to five significant Christian influencers in history who practiced mindfulness and analyze three to five key Scripture passages that affirm mindfulness to help alleviate a counselor’s personal reservations about the validity of mindfulness for the Christian as they design a daily Mindfulness Practice Plan