714 – To Live Together, You Need to Laugh Together: Using Humor to Facilitate Bonding in Marriage


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If a merry heart is good medicine, then perhaps two merry hearts could cure marital ills!
Studies have shown that laughter enhances functioning, lifts mood, improves health and bonds
people together! And it?۪s more fun than fussing! This workshop will help you help clients live
together better by laughing together more. You will use your own humor history to help
couples find and create points of connection through fun and laughter.

Presented by: Kathy Floyd, M.A., LPC

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Identify the proven physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of laughter in order to relieve tension and increase bonding in marriage
  2. Assess their own humor histories to help couples discover and utilize the humorous happenings for increased bonding in their marriages and families
  3. Apply practical techniques and tools for creating and framing points of humor in marriage so that laughter and fun may be shared to enhance intimacy in the marriage relationship