716 – Ethical Decision Making in Play Therapy with Child Clients


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Play therapists who work with minor aged clients face multiple ethical dilemmas, such as
mandated reporting, working with caregivers, confidentiality, working with multiple
stakeholders in a play therapy clients?۪ care, and also who can give consent to receive play
therapy services? This workshop will apply ethical decision-making models from multiple
mental health disciplines including ACA, APA, the Association for Play Therapy, AACC, and the
Association for Play Therapy?۪s Paper on Touch to examine major ethical dilemmas that may
occur with a play therapy client to assist mental health professionals in making the most
informed and ethical decisions when working with these clients and their families. Participants
will also be able to identify when and how to seek supervision, training, and consultation in
order to better serve their clients.

Presented by: Jill Osborne, Ed.S.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Explain play therapy to a caregiver, the psychological process of play therapy, and the role
    of confidentiality and boundaries of the therapeutic relationship so clients can make
    informed decisions about their psychological care
  2. Be able to list steps to take when making ethical decisions
  3. Be able to list when and how to seek supervision, training, and consultation when faced
    with ethical conflicts while working with play therapy clients