721 – Borderline Personality Disorder Challenges: Tangible Interventions for Helping Families Find Peace During the Pain/Pleasure Cycle


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Classic traits of borderline personality disorder, such as the rapid oscillation of idealizing to
despising and the intense fear of abandonment, can corrode the quality of an interpersonal
relationship. Targeted treatment for those with the disorder has become readily available.
However, loved ones of those diagnosed are often overlooked when it comes to support and

tools. This workshop provides education regarding the pain/pleasure cycle family members may
find themselves in. Additionally, it provides tangible interventions for creating personal peace
through the use of mindfulness, self-limits, and spiritual formation. All while navigating the
residual feelings of guilt, hypervigilance, and affection that accompany the complex dynamic.

Presented by: Adele Martelle, M.S.W.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Explain the internal dynamics of how the borderline personality perceives family relationships
  2. Demonstrate an informed understanding of the themes and predominant emotions family members experience
  3. Describe and implement tangible intervention techniques in helping family members