725 – Becoming Visible: Tools and Strategies to Use Technology to Influence People and Attract Clients


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Building a successful business or ministry vastly relies on online presence. You can implement
technology, especially the power of video, to touch lives of those you are meant to serve. You
know you need to implement the cutting-edge techniques, but it seems too complicated, so
you don?۪t. Did God call you to be the face of your ministry or business? Are you called by name
to represent Him to the world? Then it is time to stop self-doubt and show your face in
confidence. Own your gifts and abilities and allow God to speak through you. People will follow
you as a leader if they know, like and trust you. How can your potential clients get to know you?
How can they figure out if they like you and if they can trust you? They need to see what you
have to offer to decide if you are the right person to learn from. Technology took over the
world and we must catch up.

Presented by: Lena Giffoni, M.A.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Learn practical strategies to increase their presence on-line and effective e-mail communication and campaigns
  2. Learn valuable tools to leverage social media platforms to best serve the needs of ministry or business
  3. Learn to become visible to make it easier to be found by people who they are meant to serve, leverage such tools as Webinars, video counseling and coaching, video presentations, and interviews