Even If


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Developing the faith, mindset, strength and endurance of those who are built different.

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If you’re picking up this book, there’s a good chance you’re not satisfied with the way your life has played out to this point, perhaps even finding yourself in a dark or difficult moment. For many, it’s easy to live in “purpose paralysis”—stuck in the prison of your past, fearful about the future, or living in complete apathy. But there’s good news: Your life can be more . . . and your breakthrough is possible!

In this book, Zach Clinton invites you to live in a new truth, one that’s found woven throughout the Bible—that because of the grace of God, through the help of others, and with the right perspective, your challenge, adversity, or pain can become the key that unlocks your fullest potential.

God didn’t come to free you from the fight. God came to free you for the fight. This is your invitation to live the life God has called to you live . . . with an “even if” mindset.