Hope & Healing for Loneliness: A Guide to Flourish in Community



Hope & Healing for Loneliness: A Guide to Flourish in Community 

A professional counseling workbook designed for clinicians and clients to work together as they seek to live in a flourishing community. 

Mark Mayfield 

Dr. Mark Mayfield is a former pastor, award-winning author, speaker, leadership coach, counselor, and professor. He has extensive experience in mental and emotional health consulting with schools and faith-based organizations. He is the founder of No Student Unseen, which helps schools navigate their mental health challenges with the Stop Light Alert for Mental and Emotional Wellness system. Clinically, Dr. Mayfield is an expert in working with families affected by trauma. He is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Mental Health Counseling at CCU and also partners with the AACC as the Director of Practice and Ministry Development and Editor of Marriage & Family: A Christian Journal. 



Created for Connections 

We are the most connected people in the history of the world, but more people feel isolated than any other generation. Why? Because too many of our connections are superficial, and to be honest, less than authentic. Loneliness is a modern epidemic. How did this happen? A few of the numerous and complex causes include our many distractions, unrealistic expectations created by social media, rampant comparison (and the nagging sense that we’re “less than”), mobility in our careers and communities, and the cumulative impact of disappointing relationships in the past.  

Lonely people often have a problem of inertia: they feel stuck, helpless, and hopeless. They’ve tried to make friends before, and it hasn’t worked out like they hoped. They’ve given up more times than they can count.  

Yet God’s divine design for all of us is to be connected—to him and to at least a few others. In this workbook, Mark Mayfield encourages us to give it another try. From his years of clinical experience, he describes the nature of loneliness, provides concrete steps toward meaningful connections, and encourages us each step along the way.  

We’re created for meaningful connections. Mark shows us how to get there.