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110: Suffering and the Neuroplasticity of Hope

Curt Thompson, M.D.
Being Known, LLC
4822 24th St. N.
Arlington, VA 22207

Our encounter with suffering has many sources—not least of which is ourselves. Moreover, some of our suffering will endure throughout our entire lives. So how is it possible for us to discover hope in the face of suffering, and how does neuroplasticity research point us in that direction? This workshop will explore the nature of how suffering emerges; the critical role that is played by intra- and interpersonal isolation in its formation; the crucial elements required for a clinician to respond to suffering; and the neuroscience and clinical application of neuroplasticity that will enable clinicians to guide their patients to places of hope.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:
• Define and demonstrate the various forms of human suffering
• Identify the significant interpersonal neurobiological features of suffering
• Apply findings in neuroplasticity as a proper and helpful response to suffering
• Enable licensed professional counselors and psychologists to aid patients to engage in practices that help shift their experience from one of suffering to one of hope

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