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202: Counseling Victims of Complex Trauma and Human Trafficking with the HEART Model

Kathie T. Erwin, Ed.D.
Divine Mercy University
45154 Underwood Ln.
Sterling, VA 20166

Benjamin B. Keyes, Ed.D.
Divine Mercy University
45154 Underwood Ln.
Sterling, VA 20166

The Healing Emotional Affective Responses to Trauma (HEART) model is an evidence-based,
innovative approach for psychologists and counselors working with complex trauma. This holistic model is based on the Judeo-Christian view of healing the mind, body, and spirit by incorporating a three-phase trauma counseling with optional additional phases for spiritual healing. This presentation explains how Christian psychologists and licensed Christian counselors can use the HEART model with victims of complex trauma, dissociative identity disorder, refugee trauma, and human trafficking. Research on utilizing the HEART model in treatment centers for victims of human trafficking has demonstrated clinical effectiveness. Attendees will receive HEART model therapeutic application materials suitable for psychologists and licensed counselors.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:
• Identify psychological, social, and spiritual treatment issues for victims with complex trauma, which may include human trafficking
• Synthesize spiritual integration with psychological practices applied to the dissociative continuum
• Integrate a spiritual trauma model with standard practices of care for psychologists and licensed mental health professionals in individual therapy or treatment programs based on current research

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