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307: Post-traumatic Growth in Relationally Betrayed Women

Debra Laaser, M.A.
Faithful and True
15798 Venture Ln.
Eden Prairie, MN 5534

Elizabeth Griffin, M.A.
Faithful and True
15798 Venture Ln.
Eden Prairie, MN 5534

The issue of relational betrayal has been viewed through the lens of a traumatic life event by researchers, as well as marriage and family therapists. Previous research indicates that relational betrayal can have a lasting impact on the betrayed partner and lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); however, few studies have focused on the possibility that betrayed partners may also experience post-traumatic growth (PTG) of the relational betrayal. This workshop will present research investigating the presence of post-traumatic growth in women who perceived their relational betrayal as a traumatic life event and developed symptoms of PTSD.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:
• Analyze the impact of a diagnosis of PTSD on post-traumatic growth
• Discuss practical tools and resources for licensed mental health professionals to provide for women who need to experience post-traumatic growth following the trauma of a relational betrayal
• Describe components of post-traumatic growth in betrayed partners

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