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502: Understanding Human Trafficking from a Survivor’s Perspective

Katariina Rosenblatt, Ph.D.
There is Hope for Me, Inc.
1728 NE Miami Gardens Dr., Unit 239
North Miami Beach, FL 33179

What does human trafficking look like in the U.S.? We will examine the vulnerability factors, recruitment methods, and trafficking tactics that traffickers use to lure in vulnerable young women and children into the life of sex trafficking in the U.S. Through the lens of a survivor, we will also discover the common vulnerabilities that exist among minor domestic survivors of sex trafficking, understand the lures and recruitment methods used by traffickers to recruit the innocent into sex trafficking, and discuss strategies of prevention. By learning how family dynamics and dysfunctions play a role in the sex trafficking of young women and children, we can gain insight into helping families before their children get recruited.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:
• Discuss the vulnerability factors that lead to the recruitment of trafficking within the U.S.
• Assess for family dynamics/dysfunctions which enable recruitment
• Develop therapeutic strategies for psychologists and licensed mental health professionals to prevent sex trafficking within the U.S.

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