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522: Coaching Women: Christian Life Coaching for Women in the Marketplace

Rebecca Rice, MPS
Living Word Community Church
2530 Cape Horn Rd.
Red Lion, PA 17356

This year, McKinsey & Company and LeanIn.org conducted their Sixth Annual Study on Women in the Workplace. The results are significant regarding the increased burden and responsibility placed on women as they have navigated the challenges of COVID-19 and its long-lasting effects on the workplace, the home, and the family. Increasingly, women are not only working the “second-shift” at home (that is, working in their careers and then returning home to carry out the many duties of home and family life), but they are also doing “double-duty” as they attend to their work and home-life simultaneously. In addition, nationally, many women are considering the downshifting of their careers as they are exposed to burnout. The role of the Christian Life Coach is significant in assisting women in navigating through the complicated and ever-changing maze that comprises their careers, families, homes, and lives. This workshop aims to support participants in discussing the complex lives of women in the marketplace and develop approaches to assist women in flourishing through the difficulties from a distinctly Christian worldview.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:
• Identify the unique stressors that women face and strategies to address potential burnout
• Develop a Christian framework for women to clarify God’s call on their lives in relationship to their careers, families, homes, and lives
• Explore specific strategies for coaches to help women respond to the demands of the “work they do” and the “life they live” in the context of the marketplace, the home, and the family

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