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525: Pornography Prevention: A Proactive Plan for Protecting Children and Youth

Paul Bernard, Ph.D.
Light Counseling
20564 Timberlake Rd., Ste. B
Lynchburg, VA 24502

Raising children in a hyper-sexualized world requires a comprehensive strategy, not just a few tips on how to talk to kids about pornography. For ten years, best-selling author Kristen Jenson has researched ways to strengthen kids against porn. Her qualitative study on why kids “hire” porn along with other prevention research led to a more comprehensive approach called the Four Pillars of Pornography Prevention™. In this workshop, attendees will learn how the Four Pillars empowers mental health professionals for use with teachers and parents to teach children principles of sexual integrity, emotional resilience, tech accountability, and brain & body safety. You will leave with simple ways to put the Four Pillars into practice immediately with your clients. Kristen will provide a handout, including a presentation outline and a list of helpful resources. She is also introducing a new resource, especially for counselors! No child deserves to face the predatory porn industry alone. Let’s educate kids early and give them a chance to reject porn.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:
• Discuss the impact of compulsive pornography use on youth, adults and couples in America today with an exploration of what types of pornography are out there and on what platforms they are present
• Discuss the neuroscience of watching pornography by youth and adults which leads to the compulsive need for more pornography to satisfy the mesolimbic reward centers of the brain
• Analyze therapeutic techniques which clients can use to lessen the impact of compulsive pornography in their lives and to help them learn how to grow stronger committed to strengthened personal growth and recovery despite what challenges that come their way
• Evaluate resources to supplement the treatment of youth, adults and couples coping with compulsive pornography use, which can be incorporated and used into all types of institutions in the community, churches, civic organizations, and social media

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