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606: Oh No: A Man’s Journey to Combat and Recover from Negative Sexual Behaviors

Roy Smith, Ph.D.
Pennsylvania Counseling Services
200 N. 7th St.
Lebanon, PA 17046

Many males experience compulsive sexual thoughts and behaviors that undermine their feelings about themselves and their relationships with women. The byproducts of these compulsive thoughts, such as pornography and other forms of acting out, result in out-of-control sexual behaviors, an inhibited walk with Christ, and destroyed family relationships, reputations, and positive life outlooks. This workshop will help clinicians address these issues head-on with their clients and assess both Recovery 1 and Recovery 2 principles that will facilitate clients managing their sexuality.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:
• Identify techniques for licensed mental health professionals that help manage and eliminate a male’s reliance on sexual trances and self-destructive behaviors
• Assess the various needs met by sexual fantasy and behaviors for clients so more productive avenues of self-development can occur
• Discuss interventions that focus on positive sexual outlets and other life-enhancing actions that increase care and support in client relationships

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