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725: Technology’s Influence Over Clients’ Beliefs and Behaviors

Kathy Koch, Ph.D.
Celebrate Kids, Inc.
4524 Boat Club Rd. #150
Fort Worth, TX 76135

When addiction to technology is mentioned, the hard and soft wiring of the brain’s neurons is often blamed. These are undoubtedly relevant to habits forming. What if the bigger issue is the heart being rewired for what to expect from life and changes in young people’s character because of its vulnerability? Discover the five lies (e.g., I deserve to be happy all the time; I must have choice…) and the big picture behind how technology is at the root of some of our greatest concerns about clients’ beliefs and behaviors (e.g., complaining and arguing, unrealistic expectations, inability to process complicated emotions, unsure of what to do after high school graduation…). Analyze the five lies technology teaches young people, how to determine whether the lies influence those you work with, and how to influence clients’ behaviors even as they continue using technology.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:
• Predict and evaluate how technology’s lies are influencing clients’ behaviors
• Produce a cause-effect document using truth from Ephesians 4:22-24 that specifies which beliefs and behaviors of Christian clients can learn that will combat the power of the lies’ influence
• Identify different ways clients can be persuaded and empowered to believe the truth about how technology is influencing them within therapy with a licensed mental health professional.

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