030 – How to Lead Therapeutic Groups in the Local Church


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Therapeutic groups are an excellent way for people to experience healing and growth in the local church, but group leaders often struggle to lead these kinds of groups effectively. This workshop describes the Healing Cycle, an approach for leading therapeutic small groups in the Church. The Healing Cycle is an approach that is compatible with a Christian worldview and integrates Scripture at each step of the process. The Healing Cycle consists of six steps: grace, safety, vulnerability, truth, ownership, and repentance. For each step, we will discuss the biblical foundation, key skills, and practical application.

Presented by: Joshua Hook, Ph.D. & Jan P. Hook, Ed.D.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Describe the benefits of using a group context to facilitate healing and growth in the Church
  2. Define each step of the Healing Cycle and identify the skills associated with each step
  3. Learn group interventions that can be used at each step of the Healing Cycle