074 – Engaging the Crisis: Mental Illness and the Church


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Faith communities have long ministered to special groups
known to show higher rates of mental health problems
than the general population. These have included the addicted,
the incarcerated, the homeless, victims of human
trafficking, and survivors of disaster and trauma. In fact,
research shows that individuals in psychological distress
are more likely to seek out a member of the clergy for assistance
before a mental healthcare provider or physician.
Viewed through the eyes of faith, it is obvious that this is
not an accident but a divine opportunity for the Church.
Drawing on his experience in both the United States and
Africa, Dr. Stanford will discuss how the Church might
engage our current mental health crisis and better serve
those broken in mind and spirit.

Presented by: Matthew Stanford, Ph.D.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Understand how churches are uniquely positioned to minister to individuals impacted by chronic mental illness
  2. Learn the four essentials that only the Church offers those living with chronic mental illness
  3. Recognize that ministry to those living with chronic mental illness is part of the Church?s mission and calling