113 – New Directions in Understanding and Treating PTSD Using Empirically Supported Therapies


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This workshop will review ???gold standard?۝ empirically-supported therapies for PTSD and discuss
each therapy?۪s limitations. New conceptual understandings of the nature of trauma and PTSD
will be presented and key features of four, newer, empirically-supported therapies for PTSD will
be discussed. Finally, how to approach these empirically-supported therapies will be addressed
from a Christian integration perspective.

Presented by: Todd Vance, Ph.D.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Describe key elements of “gold standard” ESTs for PTSD
  2. Explain how the newest ESTs for PTSD address limitations of established PTSD therapies
  3. Understand how to approach ESTs for PTSD from a Christian integration perspective