704 – Deep Calling to Deep: Understanding and Ministering to Broken Core Longings in Individuals


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Every human being has deep desires, six basic core longings, which were created by God. All
cultures have these core longings in common. God?۪s design was to have every one of these
deep desires be satisfied through relationship with Him. However, the Fall of Mankind in
Genesis 3 dramatically altered how these human desires become fulfilled. The resulting
brokenness leads to our own attempts to fulfill these longings, often leading to disappointment
and dysfunction. The antidote is leading the client onto a pathway back to a healing and a
redeeming God.

Presented by: Robert Shaw, D.Min.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Discover and discuss the six basic core longings that God created in humans
  2. Explore biblical truths and insights that can have practical and transformational application in the fulfilling of core longings
  3. Identify some of the essential roots of a counselee’s pathology that can help develop strategies, from a biblical perspective, to supplement treatment plans