715 – God in Your Marriage: Spiritual Formation Interventions to Strengthen Your Relationship


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The best ???materials?۝ for the building of godly marriages are Christians who increasingly live out
their new Christlike selves in marriage relationships. Not only are they committed to follow
God?۪s blueprint for marriage, they are also obedient and dependent on the Holy Spirit daily,
practicing new attitudes and lifestyle habits in relating to their spouses. Eight spiritual
formation practices are especially helpful for the growth of Christian marriages, namely
commitment, devotion, prayer, respect, humility, service, grace and truth. These practices,
when applied in the marriage context, can cultivate qualities in the individuals that are essential
for the maintenance of healthy, lifelong marriages. They can also empower married Christians
to counter the ways of current culture that are damaging to godly marriages. This workshop will
explain the biblical and research-based rationale on the relevance of these practices for
married Christians as well as providing guidelines for practice. Pastoral counselors and Christian
therapists can integrate these practices as interventions when counseling Christian couples.

Presented by: Anita Liu, M.D.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Discuss how personal spiritual formation for married Christians can directly benefit their marriage relationships
  2. Name and describe the spiritual formation practices helpful for the cultivation of godly marriages
  3. Explore how the specified spiritual formation practices can be integrated into the counseling process as interventions when counseling Christian couples