Ethics and Advocacy

$28 / year


Advocating for issues concerning faith and mental healthcare in our country is a right and privilege that we should not take for granted. Your voice, training, and integration in faith-based mental healthcare uniquely position you to contribute to the development of policy and programs at the local, state, and federal levels.

Your Voice Should be Heard and You Can Make a Difference!


What is the Ethics and Advocacy Division (EAD)?

The Ethics and Advocacy Division (EAD) is designed for mental health professionals, biblical and pastoral counselors, and coaches concerned about faith-based mental healthcare and religious liberty at the local, state, and federal levels. The division’s goal is to raise awareness and advocate for various issues important to Christian mental healthcare professionals and church-based care and advance the protection of integrating faith in mental healthcare and psychology.   

Issues Include: 

  • Faith-based Mental Healthcare  
  • Mental Healthcare Parity  
  • Religious Liberty Issues in Mental Health  
  • Continuing Education  
  • Ethics for Mental Health Professionals, Coaches, and Pastoral and Lay Counselors  
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Mental Health Education  

Division Leaders

Mercy Connors, Ph.D.

Shannae Anderson, Ph.D.

Member Benefits Include: 

  • Monthly newsletter featuring the latest updates on ethics and public policy affecting mental healthcare and religious liberty 
  • Monthly divisional podcast with the EAD leadership team 
  • Quarterly online forum for members to share updates, concerns, and provide direction for the division  
  • Networking opportunities at Divisional Mixers at each AACC conference 
  • Ethics-based Continuing Education Hours (2 Free Annually) 

Who Should Join: 

  • Licensed Mental Health Professionals 
  • Christian and Biblical Counselors 
  • Life Coaches 
  • Ministry Leaders 
  • Concerned Citizens