Society for Christian Psychology

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AACC Divisional Membership (AACC membership required)

Society for Christian Psychology 

The Society for Christian Psychology is designed to train those in the foundational principles of Christian psychology and give academics in psychology and practicing clinicians a voice in the development of the profession. The Society exists to promote the development of distinctly Christian psychology (including theory, research, and practice) with an approach fundamentally shaped by the Christian Scriptures and Christian thinking, practice, and research in the past and present. It will also be informed by other psychologies, including the dominant approach today: modern psychology. However, this modern version has been profoundly shaped by naturalism and secularism so that its interpretations are accordingly distorted, requiring that it be carefully reinterpreted in light of a Christian worldview. 

Division Leader: Nicolene Joubert, Ph.D. 

Member Benefits Include: 

  • Quarterly eNewsletters featuring articles from Christian counseling experts  
  • Monthly MP3 training with a specialist in the field  
  • Networking opportunities at AACC Divisional Mixers at each AACC conference 
  • Savings on specialized resources and services