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509: One Heart, Two Homes: Working with Children and Parents in Post-divorce Families

Tammy Daughtry, M.A.
Coparenting International
2722 Old Elm Hill Pike, Ste. B
Nashville, TN 37214

Jay Daughtry, M.A.
The Center for Modern Family Dynamics
2722 Old Elm Hill Pike, Ste. B
Nashville, TN 37214

Is it possible for children to thrive between mom’s house and dad’s house? How can we help bring hope and strategy to the experience of co-parenting when parents are hurting and angry? In this session, we will explore research-based tools to use with divorced parents to help them move through their transition in a healthy way so they and their children can heal and THRIVE. Resources include research on The Post-Divorce Adjustment Timeline (Hetherington, M.), The Five Categories of Co-parenting (Ahrons, C.), and The Six Risks for Children of Divorce (Amato, P.R.). In addition, presenters will discuss co-parent counseling, co-parent classes that satisfy the divorcing parent education mandate, and how to run small groups on the co-parenting topic.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:
• Articulate the five categories of co-parenting and how they impact children, as well as explore strategies to move clients toward collaborative colleagues within sessions with a licensed mental health professional
• Develop a comprehensive small group proposal and/or training event to incorporate in their local communities, organizations, and church settings that help members and clients successfully begin building a healthy co-parent team after divorce
• Demonstrate the use of metaphors and other experiential techniques applicable to Christian counselees that can be incorporated into an overall treatment plan for single parents

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